Our Story

It's the smile of a baby that makes life worth living.

The BeBe Promise

When the Bebe by SO-EN brand was created 30 years ago, there was a certain vision and promise made to every Filipino mother and father. Every piece of BeBe by SO-EN clothing, big or small, would make the feeling of holding your baby into a special and unforgettable experience.

We keep this promise alive in everything that we design, sow and stitch so that this promise of quality stands firm. All of this is possible because of you – mothers and fathers alike – as you inspire us to do our best and give only the best.


Parenting is tough yet extremely rewarding. You need baby clothes that are consistently sized, durable and beautifully designed for your one and only.


Our Clothing

In support of Filipino family-businesses, our clothing is 100% locally sourced, made and sewn together from high-quality cotton designed to be safe and comfortable for babies of all sizes. Our cotton is soft, prickle-free and gentle, yet durable enough to withstand multiple washes and multiple uses.

Best of all, our commitment to our customer, quality and local economy allows us to offer our products at affordable prices just for you. That's why we're here, in support of you and the nation we love and call the Philippines.