Newborn Clothing Guide for First-time Parents!

We’ve all been there. The day you realize you’re pregnant is the day when you realize that life just got a whole lot bigger (and crazier!) The baby you’re carrying inside is an extension of yourself and your soon-to-be family. As your tummy gets bigger, you start to wonder and worry, what essentials do I need for my baby?


What should newborns be wearing?

On the day the baby is born, you’ll first need a receiving blanket to wrap him/her. This blanket will comfort, protect, and soothe the baby. The heat insulation provided by the fabric allows the baby to feel warm and comfortable as if s/he was back in your tummy! The receiving blanket is also useful in the future by functioning as a changing mat or towel after bathing.

Most mothers that purchase from our store will tend to buy tiesides first. Tiesides allow you to easily remove and replace your baby’s clothes by untying the knots. This ensures that the baby is safe from any injuries and discomfort. We have several variations: long sleeve tieside, sleeveless and short sleeve tieside. The variation depends on whether the baby will be in an air-conditioned room or not.

Apart from that, the baby will need several pairs of  mittens, booties, bonnet, and binders. Mittens are important because babies have the tendency to fiddle their hands and accidentally scratch themselves. Booties are also important because the baby will be crawling and still has soft feet that can be easily damaged. The bonnet acts in the same way as a receiving blanket to keep the baby’s head warm and free from injury. Lastly, the binders are designed to be wrapped around a baby’s stomach to keep it warm and prevent stomach gas pain or “kabag”.

For daily wear, you can go with a romper (boy/girl). Rompers have easy-to-open bottoms that allows you to change diapers on the go. Rompers are usually paired with our unisex plastic panty and reusable diapers. Bibs and towelettes are also a must for staying clean–bibs ensure that random pieces of food don’t get onto your baby’s clothes and towelettes for those times they get sweaty and need a wipe down there!

When it’s time to sleep, we recommend that parents get a frogsuit and swaddle

A frogsuit is an all-in-one overall that gives the baby full protection for their body, arms, and legs. We also have some collections that feature a hood and/or built-in mittens/booties. Make sure to keep an eye out for those seasonal releases!


As the baby grows up…

When your baby reaches the ripe age of 3 months, you can start looking at different options to dress him/her. However, due to the baby’s still developing immune system, we recommend that they stay at home and continue to grow, apart from the daily sunlight for some Vitamin D! With that, we recommend that they start wearing sandos, t-shirts, shorts, panties, briefs and pajamas, especially our ezAirCool Sandos loved by moms everywhere–its breathable fabric is specially adapted for our hot weather! Because of their increasing size, you can start transitioning from frogsuits to buttoned pajamas.

As your baby grows up, you can start dressing them up with super cute clothes and outerwear. We have a wide variety of clothes for baby boys and baby girls. From t-shirt and shorts set (value!) to unisex jackets (boy/girl) and skirts, we have everything in almost every color and also filled with fun-loving characters!


What to keep in mind…

Each baby is unique, and so is every parent. You might not even notice how fast your baby grows up! Right now, everything is probably scary and stressful. There will be many times when you won’t be sure if what you’re doing is correct, causing you to get anxious. In cases like that, don’t forget to seek advice and consult with a doctor or even with your own parents. Raising a child is a challenging, stressful yet a very beautiful and rewarding journey that is full of surprises. Good luck and have fun with your precious little ones!